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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  July 20, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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fast food. eyewitness news at 4:00 starts now. people take aim at the prime minister in the phone hacking scandal. >> how david cameron is linked to the eavesdropping case and the decision he's defending. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> in the line of fire. britain's prime minister gets an earful from parliament today on the phone hacking scandal. lawmakers are putting david cameron in the hot seat. >> reporter: british lawmakers took aim at the prime minister in a british debate over the phone hacking scandal. >> you live and you learn.
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and believe you me, i have learned. >> reporter: cameron is taking heat for hiring his former communications chief, andy colson. colson was editor at news of the world, when journalists hacked into the voice mails of politicians. >> with 20/20 hindsight, and all that followed, i would not have offered him the job, and i suspect he wouldn't have taken it. >> it's not about hindsight, mr. speaker. it's about all of the information and warnings that the prime minister ignored. >> reporter: now that colson has been arrested issue the prime minister is under even more pressure to distance him from -- himself from the scandal. >> the questions are being asked about the friends he keeps. >> reporter: cameron met with newscorps executives more than two dozen times since taking office. he denied claims his staff tried to stop an investigation into hacking at the tabloid. and he laughed off suggestions
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he cosedied up to form -- cozied up to former ceo rebekah black. >> i've never had a slumber party. >> reporter: in london, charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> coming up new at 4:30. learn more about rupert murdoch's young wife, who has become a sensation after hitting the man who tried to attack her husband during the phone hacking scandal. a very, very big story today. suffocating air is moving in today. wjz found a woman on st. paul street, using an umbrella trying to keep today's heat at bay on university parkway. the high temperatures were not enough to keep work crews from making repairs. work goes on there. in northwest baltimore, you can see the heat coming off the road as temperatures climb into the 90s. and you know what? the worst of the heat is yet to come. bob turk is here with updated numbers from first warning weather.
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>> i think you're going to find tomorrow, much, much worse than it has been. we're only at 92. yesterday, we did get up to humid 92. the dew point is way up there again at 72 degrees. when you combine those two, makes you feel like 101 degrees outside. easton just jumped up to 110. the heat index. ocean city at 92. and oakland, 83. because of these high temperatures and high dew points tomorrow, we do have an excessive heat warning. it means heat indexes tomorrow could be between 105 and once again, 110 degrees over a wide, wide area. so please, tomorrow, take it easy. you don't have to be outside, please stay in air conditioning. stay in a cool spot. kai? >> we'll take your advice, bob. thank you. a person pleads guilty because of child pornography. megan is live now with the former ceo of the swim club. >> reporter: in court today, 56-
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year-old ira admitted to keeping the pornography on a personal laptop. a search of his home turned up numerous items with child pornography. he often brought one of the laptops to the club. he was sentenced 18 months behind bars and five years probation. he will also have to register as a sex offender and avoid all contact with children. >> investigators say there is no evidence he had inappropriate contact with children at pedonia park. now, police are looking for the gunman who shot an officer during an overnight call. >> reporter: late this morning, that police officer was released from the hospital. but the search for the shooter continues. >> reporter: police swarmed the 1100 block of cook lane just after 11:30 last night, trying to figure out who fired at a 24- year-old baltimore police officer. the officer was working the midnight patrol shift in the
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southwest district when he was called to a report of a domestic dispute. >> the officer was called to service. interviewing some individuals involved. and then the officer heard a series of gunshots. the officer turned down and noticed he suffered a gunshot wound to the stomach area of his hip. >> reporter: it turned out to be a braise wound. >> very, very lucky that that did not pep trait the officer and cause injury. jazz medibs rushed the officer to shock trauma, where he was treated and released. >> it's unclor who fired these shots. -- unclear who fired these shots. >> reporter: police say the officer never fired his own weapon. police are continuing to interview several individuals, including some of the people involved in that domestic dispute. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> anyone with information on the shooting is asked to call detectives. the number 410-396-2100 of the. he never intended to be a threat. and friday, a maryland man will make a plea in an appeal.
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alex grobin is in jail in cuba. he was arrested for illegally importing communications equipment into the country and is accused of being a spy. the hearing is his last legal appeals. 20 cents by 20/20 am -- 2020. that's baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake's new plan for cutting taxes. she announced her tax relief plan for city homeowners. the mayor says the new homeowners' tax credit program will be funded with revenue generated from the city's future slots. and by reducing spending. wjz will have much more on this proposal, coming up new at 5:00. cautiously optimistic. a new debt plan is put together by a so-called gang of six in the senate. danielle nottingham reports for
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wjz, they spent the day, trying to drum up support from fellow lawmakers. >> reporter: president obama called top lawmakers to close the deal. a new plan from the so-called gang of 6 is a balanced way to break the stalemate. >> is there an opportunity then to go ahead and think big. >> reporter: the group of bipartisan senators is proposing a package that cuts $4 trillion from the deficit. it also reduces federal programs like medicare and medicaid. it shrinks the tax coat to three -- code to three categories. and could bring changes to social security payments. >> let's take this moment and see if we can rally around something that could actually move forward. >> if we can help in the debt ceiling debate by producing this product. >> reporter: the game has drawn support from both parties, but it's too complex for congress to pass before the august 2nd deadline. >> reporter: the white house
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spokesman indicated the president would sign off on a short-term deal. but only if it buys a little time for lawmakers to wrap up work on a big deal both sides could work with. but any compromise would be a tough cell for republicans. >> the only clear pass to raise the debt ceiling is the cut, cap, and balance act. >> reporter: lawmakers have less than two weeks to find common ground before the treasury department starts running out of money to pay the nation's bills. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the president is making a trip to maryland this week for a town hall meeting and the debt crisis will be a likely topic. vic carter will lead wjz's complete coverage of the president's town hall at the university of maryland college parks, coming up on friday. let's check in on the roads with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi, kristy. well, a couple of accidents to start the rush hour off.
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97 southbound. we have an accident there at 32. also, north rolling road at rockdale. as far as the beltway goes, a couple of accidents around it. on the west side inner loop, the first at baltimore national pike. the second is on the outer loop, that is at security boulevard. as far as delays go, not too many, but a couple we're dealing with. 15 minutes from frederick road to liberty road. and on the north side outer loop, slowing there, from york road to charles street. let's now take a live look. as you can see, cars are still out there. 895 at charles street. things are beginning to build. there's another look, easy drive at 70 and 29. this traffic report is brought to you by triple a auto insurance. trust triple a. visit triple use it for all its wort. the state's commercial wind farm is up and running in western maryland.
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constellation energy's turbine project is now operating. the project has been generating electricity since december. the turbines are designed to peat the electricity need -- meet the electricity needs. still ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. concussions are common in pro football. so why are a group of retired players filing suit against the nfl. it took all of the fun out of movie, popcorn and chinese food. what the food police are now saying about fast food. chaotic scene. a group of tourists climbed over in yosemite. tonight miss bob's forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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police in canada are looking into the reality crash. on the way, the cab hit and killed a 61-year-old pedestrian. police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. right now, no charges have been filed. well, thousands of nfl players left on the sidelines for head injuries of concussions. now, former football pros are looking at damages. only half of the retired players are eligible for disability and pension coverage. there is negotiation under way for a new labor and benefit contract. nfl owners and players association are discussing expanding coverage to more retirees. as it stands now, the players must play all four years in order to receive help with the medical bills. new at 5:00, sports director mark viviano updates negotiations between players and owners as both sides inch closer to the lockout.
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a public interest research group is chewing out sift some of the nation's most popular restaurants. michelle miller reports with the winners and losers of food police's extreme heating award. >> reporter: americans who love fatty foods and super sizes have some new contenders from gut-busting meals of the year. the center for science in the public interest announced their winners, or maybe losers of the extreme eating award. some of the unhealthiest food around. >> this is more prevalent. it's not that the worst are more than they used to be, it's just that there are more at this extreme level. >> reporter: like farm house cheeseburger factory and fries. only 1530 calories and 36 grams of fat. that's like eating four mcdonald's quarter pounders with cheese in one sitting. how about for dinner? denny's deep fried cheese melt. mozzarella sticks wedged inside
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a cheesesandwich. or applebys stuffed meatballs with fettucini. and don't forget cheesecake factory. coldstone creamery's pb&c shake outdoes them all. more than 2,000 calories and 3 1/2 days' worth of saturated fat. >> it's like eating two pureed 16-ounce t-bone steaks plus a baked potato. >> reporter: according to the cdc, more than a quarter of the adults in 26 states. in 2000, none were. could wall street build on
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monday's -- tuesday's gains? markets are off, but not dramatically. nasdaq down 12. let's go to new york right now, where enes feray has tonight's money watch update. shares of zillow. investors are betting heavily on vilo, even though -- zillow, even though it has never posted a profit. it posts property value estimates. american airlines is ordering a record number of new planes. the company will buy at least 460 new aircraft over the next five years. the order is split between airbus and boeing. the more efficient models are expected to cut down on fuel costs. american also announced it would send off its american eagle service. pfizer plans to buy icogen, a company that makes pain
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medicines. it will help treat pain. pfizer already sells two popular drugs for nerve pain and arthritis, and a third for relieving shingles. the deal is valued at $56 million. and beatles fans, listen up. a never-before-seen collection of the first concert is going up for auction. the 60 images will be sold at christy's auction house. the photographs were taken on february 11, 1964. just days before their historic appearance on the ed sullivan show. that's your money watch. for more, head to in new york, i'm ines feray. zero gravity amusement park went up. but coming down was a bit of a problem. the bungee chord holding the man and women tangled.
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the couple were left hanging 80 from the ground, especially for the man who was afraid of heights. >> the reality hit me that there was a couple that walked in, as soon as we shot out. and they were sitting there, watching us go up and down. did&then i saw a gentleman escorting them out. at that point, i knew i was in trouble. >> the young woman said she forced her soon to be husband to take the ride to overcome his fear of heights. didn't quite work that way. the couple is engaged and say their next trip will be down the aisle. a fan dies trying to catch a ball. in healthwatch, a recommendation to make birth control free for women. how would it work? baltimore is baking for yet another day. and the real heat hasn't even arrived. bob is updating the first warning forecast. >> wjz 13 is always on. for the top stories on, instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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outside near the aquarium. the place to be, right? >> let's cool off. >> right at the inner harbor, i guess. >> technically, this time of year, our normal high is 88. when it gets to 90, 91, you really can't call it a heat wave, until it gets to 95. now, tomorrow and saturday, we're going to have a bona fide heat wave. and the humidity will be just miserable. seriously, very hot and very uncomfortable, dangerous for some folks. take a look at temps. only 92. it's a little bit not as hot. but it's still humid. humidity 54%. now, around the state, the hot spot now, up in cumberland, 97. whoa. 90 in elkton. only in 80. -- 84 in ocean city.
4:24 pm
and oakland, nice mountain cool air. 81 degrees in oakland. d.c. at 8 at 93. and even by the water, pax river, at 90. but locally, temperatures right around the 90-degree mark, as you see. but it's going to be a lot worse tomorrow. probably 7 or 8 degrees warmer tomorrow than today. now, the dew point tomorrow may be just about as high or bad as it was today. now, on thursday, and again on friday, they've already changed that excessive heat watch to an excessive heat warning for most of the region, as you can see. eastern shore, under the watch. rest of the region, thursday and friday, excessive heat warnings. because we expect temperatures to be near 100. but the heat index between 105 and 110 degrees. though sew that's what's really going to be dangerous. southeast winds around the region. dangerous. now, the chance of thundershower activity is very,
4:25 pm
very minimal. but there are a few widely scattered. it was like one popped up. very difficult to find one. i don't think anybody will be seeing much in the way of showers tonight. friday afternoon, just a slight chance. saturday and sunday again, with a front approaching. maybe a pop-up thunderstorm. but thursday, friday, and saturday, very hot and humid conditions. by the latter part of the weekend, might help kick up some showers. and it will begin to cool down aggressively, beginning on sunday. in fact, only in the low 90s. and cooler only next week. south winds, 5 to 10 knots. bay temp, around 80 degrees. tonight, muggy, warm, hazy skies. 75 by morning. tomorrow, upper 90s. hazy sunshine. but heat index, 105 to maybe 110 in the afternoon. with the dew point in the low to mid-70s. once again -- >> whoo. >> very, very dangerous heat for a lot of folks out there
4:26 pm
the next couple of days. >> this should be the hottest weather we've seen all summer long. >> overcautious. thanks, bob. don't miss tonight's cbs primetime lineup tonight on wjz. at 10:00, it's the csi crime drama. bob schieffer has a look at what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. in this type of economy, millions of people may lose their homes because they can't make their mortgage payments. now, there is a lifeline, a government program that could help americans avoid foreclosure. so why doesn't anyone know about it? that story tonight on the cbs evening news. unlikely star. rupert murdoch's wife emerges as an internet sensation. after she lands a right hook in britain's parliament. disturbing drowning. a body in the deep end of a park pool for days. what police say happened. cracking down on virtual
4:27 pm
criminals. who the fbi picked up in a raid in the nation's capital. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with vic after this. , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:29, 90 degrees and sunny. i'm vic carter. denise is off today. here's what people are talking about. the fbi is cracking down on virtual criminals. agents raided several locations across the u.s. dozens of suspected computer hackers are now in the u.s. randall pinkston reports for wjz. fbi agents targeted alleged members of the aloof group, hacking anonymous. accusing them of conspiracy and intentional damage to a computer. agents raided six homes in new york state, alon. -- alone. seizing computer equipment.
4:31 pm
members allegedly hacked the anonymous pay pal website. this man, who asked cbs to hide his identity is a member of anonymous. [ indiscernible ] >> snap our fingers [ inaudible ] >> anonymous hackers use their technical toj attack websites. >> reporter: the strategy is called a distributed denial of service. hackers flood the website with requests until it crashes. 14 from nine states were arrested and charged. but anonymous believes its work is important. >> that is equivalent to a virtual city. it's no different really than taking up seats during the 50s, during the civil rights move u. in the -- movement in the '60s. >> but this carries penalties, including prison time and
4:32 pm
hundreds of dollars in fines. there were two more arrests in the u.s., unrelated to the pay pal attack and two others in europe. the lead attorney for the army psychiatrist accused in the mass murder shooting spree is out. today, just hours before he was to be arraigned, he let a civilian attorney go, and hired three military attorneys. major nidal nidal hasan is accused of injuring 30 people. hassan is facing the death penalty. an update on a case of a drowning at a massachusetts pool that went unnoticed for days. kai is in the newsroom with more on the investigation. kai? >> reporter: vic, last month. her body remained there for three days. since the discovery of her body, police have been looking into how she could have possibly gone unnoticed. the pool had four lifeguards on duty at the time. and today, a falls river park ranger reveals what the investigation found. >> investigative team believes
4:33 pm
that water clarity was a primary factor, preventing lifeguards from being alerted to the drowning and from subsequently detecting ms. joseph on the bottom of the pool after she submerged. >> three pool workers are being asked to resign. the entire pool staff is on leave. vic? >> thank you, kai. the community created the memorial at the pool, with heartfelt messages for joseph. white house officials will not be required to send internal documents about the gulf oil spill to bp. bp says it will help determine the company's financial liability. bp has argued the government over the estimated amount of oral damages by as much as 50%. british lawmakers continue to investigate the rapidly spreading phone hacking scandal. but today, they take aim at prime minister david cameron. cameron was editor at news of the world, when journalists hacked into the voice mails of
4:34 pm
journalism and politicians. that follows an explosive day in parliament today, when a man tried to though shaving cream into the face of media mogul rupert murdoch. more on murdoch's fight, including being right in the middle of all of the action. >> reporter: if the old saying is true, behind every successful man, there's a woman, it probably also helps if she has a good right hook. 42-year-old wendy deng murdoch wasted no time, when a protestor tried to slam a foam pie into her husband's face. >> her stock grows tremendously. >> she rupert murdoch's third wife, raised by working class parents. >> she's a native of china. she grew up playing volleyball. >> reporter: she came to the u.s. in 1988. on a student visa. >> reporter: she moved here, ended up actually marrying her
4:35 pm
host father. after having an affair with him. >> reporter: in 1996, deng, single again, but now with a green card, graduated from yale with a business degree. >> did very well. and became an intern at star, which is one of murdoch's companies in asia. and she turned out to have met him when he needed a translator on one of his trips there. and so that was the beginning of their meeting and their romance. >> reporter: in 1999, she married murdoch, 38 years his junior. >> during this long hearing on tuesday, couldn't help but notice the woman sitting behind murdoch was half his age. but when she jumped up to difend him, that was the kind of love or compassion you see that any husband or wife wants to see. >> but he's not just a wife turned bodyguard. she's helping to raise his two children and hopes hopes to help shape the media empire in asia.
4:36 pm
>> comed yang johnny marbles was arrested and faces criminal charges. first lady joined a program today to make healthy foods more accessible. those retailers will open or expand 1500 stores in rural or low-income areas that have few grocery stores. studies have shown limited access to healthy foods and fresh produce can lead to higher levels of disease and obesity. free birth control, including the controversial morning after pill. mary is live in the newsroom with details on the plan, which is meeting some opposition. well, vic, the healthcare overhaul already requires insurance companies to provide standard care at no cost. a panel of health experts says that coverage should include birth control, sterilization and other choices for women. they say that unintended pregnancies carry major health consequences for the mother and
4:37 pm
her child. those drew harsh criticism from opponents. they say pregnancy is not a disease, it shouldn't require prevention. >> the final decision on which recommendations will be adopted should come august 1st. we have another summer scorcher on our hands, as things will continue to heat up. the blazing hot sun will heat up. workers tried every little trick to get some relief from the heat. and the water was certainly the best place to be today. children were enjoying the chance to cool off right there. bob is checking temperatures around the state at the first warning weather center. >> believe it or not. today is actually running two to three degrees cooler than yesterday. but the heat index is higher than yesterday. it's more humid today than it was yesterday. it's sort of a tradeoff. take a look at temperatures. we're at 92 degrees.
4:38 pm
93. cumberland at 97. ocean city down to 84. and oakland, 81. but the dew point is 73. that means the temperature of 92, and the dew point 72. feels like 101 here in d.c. 102. easton, very humid. but it feels like 110 degrees there in houston this afternoon. now, tomorrow, we do have a -- in fact, for thursday and all day friday as well. an excessive heat warning for the entire region. because we expect the heat indices tomorrow to be between 105 and 110 over a wide, wide area. so the next three days, obviously, major heat waves for the region. please take it easy. this will kind of heat the region. it really is a health threatening situation for many folks. vic? >> bob, thank you. let's check on the roads with kristy breslin. >> the delays continue to build out there on the west side of the inner loop, the delay from
4:39 pm
wilkens avenue to liberty road. almost up to 20 minutes. over on the top side of the inner loop, from charles street to perring parkway, another 10 minutes to get through. southbound 95, we do have a disabled vehicle there, at eastern avenue. that's blocking the right-hand lane. other accidents include mountain road at baltimore annapolis boulevard in glen burnie. philadelphia road, past rothville boulevard and rosedale. and a couple of city accidents. alameda at harford road. let's now take a live look. you can see getting heavy there. that's 70 at 29. and we'll take another live look. as you can see, not too bad there. thinning out on the one of the side of the beltway, baltimore national pike. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you or someone you know has suffered a personal injury, call 1-800-the firm. or visit them for your free consultation. more than $20,000. that's how much money you helped to raise for the maryland food bank. the final total is in for this
4:40 pm
year's we'll masn orioles food drive. $20,500 was raised at the ballpark over the weekend. that's more than last year. they also donated more than 2600 pounds of food. we are a proud sponsor of the food drive. straight ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. good news for travelers. uncomfortable. the full body security scans. back-to-school shopping already. why you may not want to wait for the end of summer. and it's a hot, humid july afternoon. how hot it's going to get on the first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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follow a tragic death, rangers in texas are making arrangements to keep fans safe
4:44 pm
in -- at ball games. they are planning to make protective railings. for now, signs have been added to remind fans not to sit, lean or stand. trying to reach down to -- earlier this month, a fan died while trying to reach to catch a ball. a van carrying amish farmers, four people entangled in the reccage were 18. many of the victims are currently in the hospital. officials from the mennonite community have been called to help identify the victims. new disturbing information about the abduction and murder of an 8-year-old new york boy, who got lost coming home from camp. monique griego has an update. >> reporter: medical examiners say the boy was given a combination of muscle relaxers before he was smuggled to death and dismembered.
4:45 pm
detectives found the child's feet wrapped in plastic in aaron's freeze are. they also found a cutting board and bloody carving knives. aaron is pleading not guilty to charges of murder and kidnapping. police and prosecutors say aaron confessed to suffocating the boy with a bath towel. >> thank you, monique. aaron will soon undergo a psychologic evaluation. a raging waterfall in yosemite national park. the tourists ignored warning signs not to pose for pictures. >> i saw the man's eyes, as he was going over the waterfall. and that was devastating. >> reporter: jacob binding and amanda lawl were at the top of the falls when they saw a group of about 10 people climb over the safety rail. >> there was a man with a child in one arm, on the edge taking photos. they were not the ones that fell over. it was their family members, also being irresponsible that
4:46 pm
got the brunt of that. >> reporter: jacob had noticed another man and a woman on what appeared to be a little island in the water. witnesses said one of the victims fell in. a second person tried to help. and also fell in. and a third person followed. two men and a woman fell into the water. >> a lot of people today saw something really traumatic. and lives were lost. it's really sad. >> i couldn't process why they were in the water when i saw it. because the current was moving so fast. >> linda and dean saber were also there when it happened. >> and i saw two holding on to each other. and one alone. and the reason i looked was this woman was screaming and running along the edge of the water. >> reporter: the victims went over the falls into the rocky pool below. rangers closed the trail that leads up to vernal, hiking a detour for hikers. >> it really wasn't that much longer. >> reporter: so far, 16 people have died in waterfall
4:47 pm
accidents iniosemit this year alone. new software will show generic information. however, not all of the machines will feature the new software. in today's wjz consumer watch. the new school year may be away for students but not for retailers. major store chains are promoting back-to-school bargains even earlier than usual this year. >> reporter: it's only halfway through summer. >> crayons and glusticks and-- glue sticks and colored pencils. >> reporter: but walk into any store and it looks like school is right around the corner. >> backpack with wheels. lunch box. a folder. >> joanna has a long list of items. she's shopping the sales and stocking up. >> awful us came in here on a
4:48 pm
mission. like i gotta go down before the 40-cent glue sticks are gone. >> reporter: you may be happening to yourself, seriously? back-to-school shopping in july? retailers have done their homework. they know if they put it on sale, you'll buy. >> i have to be prepared. >> reporter: in these tough economic times, the trend is catching on, with cash-strapped parents and teachers. like trinidad hernandez. she's saving big on classroom supplies. >> 20 cents, notebooks. when school starts, they're $1.50. >> and it adds up. >> i wish i could fill my cart with all the things they need. >> reporter: she spends about $6,000 on items her students can't forward afford. -- can't afford. >> reporter: and retailers are trying to bulk up their bottom line during traditionally slow summer months. they're getting the word out online. >> wonders never cease?
4:49 pm
>> i'm always out for a good bargain. never too early to shop for anything. >> reporter: that was pria clemens reporting. many are signing coupons online before making their trip to the store. we have breaking news now. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene. >> we're in hasmedden -- hasmed -- hampden, rick. upon arrival by firefighters, baltimore city firefighters were on scene. they're down in the area of the jones falls, next to falls road near chestnut, where a very large adult male apparently, we don't know whether he has fallen or injured himself, or just requires assistance getting back up to the roadway. it appears at this point that there was no car involved in this. however, it is a rescue in progress. they are trying to get this man strapped into a stretcher and then pull him up to the roadway. so it's going to be sometime before they finish here.
4:50 pm
they do have falls road completely closed at chestnut in both direction. fire personnel and equipment blocking the roadway. >> thank you very much. captain mike perry in sky eye chopper 13. in consumer watch. ford is recalling more than 20,000 pickup trucks and suvs. the recall was issued due to a defective switch that can cause the turn signal, tail lights and brake lights to fail. included in the recall are ford ranger pickups, ranger suvs. they say no accidents were reported. and the dealer will replace the switch for free. it is hot today, and a bit more humid. but triple digit temperatures are in the forecast. bob turk has the updated first warning weather forecast. ♪
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whoa, whoa! 10:00 and 2:00, buddy. eyes on the road, right? hands on the wheel. [ male announcer ] the want-it, need-it... stay focused. [ male announcer ] ...gotta-have-it taste of mcdonald's burgers. the simple joy worth waiting for. [ young man ] how's your burger, bro? [ laughs ]
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[ thinking ]he best, another pet name?les. all right, i'm smart enough to notice that my favorite fresh-brewed mickey d's sweet tea is now on the dollar menu, so i'm smart enough for this. you're the best, too... sweet tea... pie? aww, chipmunk. [ male announcer ] sweet tea and the mcdonald's dollar menu. a warm afternoon. requesting to get a lot hotter. -- going to get a lot hotter in the afternoon. if you thought today was warm, tomorrow is really going to shock you. take a look at temps right now. we're at 92 donees. but the dew point is up to 73. humidity, 54%. southeast winds, 6. the barometer, holding steady. around the state, the hot spot coming in at cumberland, 97.
4:54 pm
82 in oakland. 90, pax river, ocean city at 84. once again, the dew points are stay, which makes it feel even hotter. most places around the upper 90s to about 100 degrees now. 88, the actual temperature. kent island. 90. 92 in westminster. it's going to get hotter, thursday and again on friday. the weather service has issued and will issue at least for those two days in the afternoon, from noon until 8:00 p.m., an excessive heat warning. that means temperatures in the upper 90s to near 100 degrees. and combine it with a high dew point, high humidity. it feel like 105 to about 110 degrees. real-feels temperature on your skin for those two days. so very nasty weather headed our way. right now, very light southeast winds around the area. most places are seeing this southerly wind, which will keep the heat and humidity going. and tomorrow, even hotter. as all of that hot air finally moves into our region. we'll be talking heat wave.
4:55 pm
in our region, we had a weak front that came through. popped up showers to our south. but tomorrow, looks like this front is going to totally wash out. and high pressure builds in from the southwest. that means the real cool of the heat over indiana and missouri, would be moving intoure on entire east half of the country. and we're going to be suffering probably through saturday. sunday, a front coming close may bring us widely scattered showers over the weekend. and slightly cooler for sunday and into next week. south winds, 5 to 10 knots. bay temp at 80 degrees. tonight, a warm, humid night. scattered showers are so few and far between. so i haven't even included it. saturday night. hot, more humid. the heat index tomorrow, between swrn 05 and maybe as high as 110 degrees. so once again, this could be a very dangerous health situation for a lot of folks. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. from cop to drug dealer.
4:56 pm
i'm mike hellgren, with the wire tap transcripts that brought down a city officer here in the northwestern district. district. how he ,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
coming up next on eyewitness news at 5:00. looking for relief. baltimore is tracking the first warning weather coverage. a police officer accused in running a heroin ring. tonight, a live investigation that led to his arrest. a break in baltimore homeowners. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. eyewitness news at 5:00.
4:59 pm
hi. i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala, here's what people are talking about. >> we have breaking news out of north baltimore right now. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene of a rescue. let's go to captain mike perry. mike? >> we're at falls road in hampden, where just a short time ago, a call to rescue occurred. fire officials responded to the scene, thinking that it was an automobile accident. but apparently, a very large adult male is at the bottom of the ravine. it's where kids go swimming, along the jones falls adjoining the hampden area of baltimore city. now, when they arrived on the scene, it's not clear whether this individual was injured. however, he is requiring assistance to get back up to the roadway. there's a ve


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